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Charlotte Yonga

Charlotte Yonga has been drawing since childhood. As an adult, however, she has been reluctant to reveal her drawings. Recognized for her photographic work, portraits and landscapes, almost documentaries, Charlotte Yonga translates the world with delicacy and sensitivity, like the beauty of a melancholy feeling or the depth of a dull complaint, without any dramaturgy. Going further into the intimate, her drawings are the expression of her unconscious, of these inner landscapes, which she also knows how to translate so well through photography. Between introspection of emotions and self-knowledge, Yonga’s drawings are both symptoms and therapy. At the limit of madness, of manic crisis. Euphoria, energy, hyperactivity become colors, shapes, and abstract materials. The gesture may seem childish—the artist uses colored pencils, markers, and watercolor, the tones are vibrant, the shapes are free. So many states of consciousness that the artist crosses and reveals to us.

œuvre d'art colorée

Des ami.e.s enthousiastes, 2020

- Drawing on paper, felt pens and ink
- 21 x 29.7 cm
- Unique piece
tableau coloré

Plongeon, 2020

- Drawing on paper, felt pens and watercolour,
- 14.8 x 21 cm
- Unique piece
dessin coloré

Bouquet, 2020

- Drawing on paper, coloured pencil.
- 14.8 x 21 cm
- Unique piece
art coloré

Mémoires de formes, 2020

- Drawing on paper, coloured pencil.
- 24 x 32 cm
- Unique piece
œuvre d'art multicolore

Distillat, 2020

- Drawing on paper, pen and watercolor,
- 29,7 x 42 cm
- Unique work

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