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Maya Mihindou

Maya Mihindou is a self-taught artist trained in images through illustration, which led her to discover the world of publishing and printing. Drawing allows her to address the question of precarious, uprooted, fragile, and creative identities. One of her materials is the collection of testimonies. She has contributed, since 2014, to the realization of drawings, but also to the writing of articles, reports, and interviews for several magazines. She also documents the work of other artists in photos and videos (Patrick Chamoiseau, Camille Hardouin, Myriam Mihindou, Dorothée Munyaneza). In 2021, Maya Mihindou was invited by François Piron and Cédric Fauq to work on the oeuvre and life of Sarah Maldoror ()  as part of a retrospective of her films at the Palais de Tokyo. In 2022, she is invited to Kinshasa for the YANGO Biennial.


Grande fresque murale dans HEIMAT par Waris Dirie

come to your river / wash my soul

- 2022
- Acrylic paint matt
- 2m20 (H) x 3m80 (W)

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