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Ghizlane Sahli

Born in Meknes in 1973, Ghizlane Sahli, lives and works in Marrakesh, Morocco. After studying architecture in Paris, Ghizlane returned to Morocco and settled in Marrakesh. Enthused by embroideries and tissues, she decided to open a workshop working with textiles, assisted by local artisans. Ghizlane flourished in this world of tissue for seven years, becoming a visionary in the field. She received the Prize for Creation at the Trophée Couleurs in 2009. In 2012, she decided to focus on pure artistic creation. Ghizlane works with the help of local artisan women. Together, they seek new ways of working with silk thread. Influenced by her understanding of space and architectural design as well as her concerns for environmental sustainability, Sahli creates three-dimensional embroidery sculptures and installations made from the tops of used bottles covered with silk thread, a technique she refers to as the Alveoles. She imagines poetic, dream-like worlds where she can experiment and create bridges between her passion for embroidery and silk threads, her background in architecture: space and volume, and a deep interest in environmental sustainability issues.

sculpture blanche

La Mer(e), Origine de Monde… MOM 009

- 2020
- Silk yarns, plastic tubes on metal frame and
wooden tray
- 120 x 130 cm

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