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Safaa Erruas

Safaa Erruas graduated from the Institut National des Beaux-Arts de Tétouan in 1998. By developing an original approach, she entered the art world in a powerful way. Her work is characterized by the presence of the color white, which, according to her, symbolizes the absence, immateriality, transparency, fragility, and even the space from which possibility can emerge. Delicate and powerful at the same time, her work is distinguished by the conjunction of fine and sharp materials: fabrics, cotton, paper, gauze, beads, but also needles, glass, and razor blades. Safaa Erruas uses the “absence” of color to capture attention and to communicate. As a formal composition as well as a conceptual strategy, the intrinsic neutrality of one single color is the outset to combine and transform objects such as pins, needles, razor blades, cotton gauzes, and other everyday objects, in works that suggest fragility, uncertainty, and sometimes hope. These tensions and conflicts between the individual and the society, the public and the private are also present in her artworks on paper. On many of them, the repetitive act of cutting, arranging, placing, and wrapping suggest that someone or something is in perpetual movement. Erruas has participated in different collective and solo exhibitions in many countries: France, Germany, Egypt, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, India, and Morocco. She has been represented by the Dominique Fiat gallery since 2011, Paris.

sculpture argentée

Le Collier, 2013

- Metallic structure, transparent wires,
porcelain tablets,
- 16 x 25 cm
- Unique work

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